Sonrisa de V: Samal

If you wish to spend a day trip in Samal, I recommend Sonrisa de V Resort.
Upon entering the resort for the first time, I was immediately reminded of my favorite resort in Samal, Chema's by the Sea. The design was natural, unlike the other resorts that seem to have an excess of cement in the making.
Sonrisa de V is a sprawling resort. It has a huge lawn area, that's actually perfect for events such as weddings. I was surprised that the resort was really huge, and seemed like it was three resort lots combined.
It has only 5 spartan cottages, one of which is good enough for an entire family. Don't expect luxury though. Think your basic bahay kubo.
The resort has a bar in the beach front, so I really think it was made for day trips. There are two beach areas separated by their jetty. There is no pool.

The beach is typical Samal, white fine sand (not so powdery). However, you can get one of the largest beach fronts here, next to Paradise Island.

There are huts that you can rent out for picnics. What I don't like about it is that the resort is beside noisy Blue Jazz, the resort popular for its giant slide pools. That resort gets the most number of visitors in Samal lately, because of this attraction.
However, come sunset, and the crowds at the other resort subside, what you get is a relaxing retreat, amidst sprawling grounds. Because of its clean, well kept grounds and cheap prices, Sonrisa de V is a good choice for family day trips or barkada outings.


  1. I have been there last summer and the place was great indeed for "barkada" outings. A calm and laid-back place perfect for some good bonding time with them.

  2. Hi! Do you have Sonrisa's current contact number? It seems like a very nice place... :-)

  3. do you have any phone number of sonrisa? the one they've poster is not active... unfortunately...


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