Ao Nang: Amazing Krabi Series

Thailand has really got it right. It is Amazing indeed. And I envy how robust and profitable their local tourism industry is. Thailand does give you everything, from gorgeous beaches and islands to mesmerizing mountains, to rich culture, sizzling nightlife and irresistible shopping. Add on to the warmth and friendliness of their good natured people, Thailand is indeed a gem in South East Asia that everyone should visit.

I seem a bit off promoting Thailand rather than the Philippines, but I just can't stop praising them in the hopes that we would eventually be like them, even better. This blog entry is about Krabi, a province in Southern Thailand, more known for its limestone cliffs and islands that boast of white sand beaches, without the hustle and bustle of Phuket.

We arrive in Krabi after an hour's flight from Bangkok. Ao Nang is our first destination. It is an idyllic beach town that was very clean and is a main jump off point to the islands. Ao Nang town has a lot of restaurants facing the main beach, and has it's wealth of shopping too. You could easily extend here, given the slow pace of life amidst all the tourism facilities.

We stayed at Somkiet Buri Resort, nearby the popular Ao Nang Villa. Somkiet is a garden, or better yet, jungle resort. It doesn't have a beach front, but the beach is just a 5 minute walk away.

It's also affordable at USD 60 to 80, considering the amenities you get. Ao Nang has more expensive resorts, but this is perhaps one that offers good value. There's a huge pool that's perfect for chilling out after a day of tours.

We spent the rest of the day walking along the beach boulevard. We already did some shopping, as stalls lined up the streets. The waves were rough then, as it has been raining the past days. We were informed that tours to the islands were cancelled that day, so they're not sure if we could go the next day.

Finally, Ao Nang is best known for its sunset. An red orange fire lights up the sky and shines on the already golden sands of Ao Nang. What a way to welcome us on our first day in this amazing place.

UP NEXT: The 4 Islands Tour of Krabi


  1. Hi,

    Your pictures are amazing, so jealous of all your beach travels. I am planning a 5-day beach trip for the end of Sept. and am deciding between Palawan (Sabang + El Nido) or Krabi (Ao Nang Raleng, Phi Phi, etc.) What are your thoughts on this? Is Krabi safer than Palawan in your opinion? We are an Asian couple.

    Thanks much,

  2. Of course, being Filipino I would recommend Palawan. If you are after seclusion, you must go to El Nido. I have just been there two weeks ago, and it's a joy to kayak around Bacuit Bay. Sabang is where the Underground River is. Krabi is also nice, one of my most favorite beach destinations in Thaland. But it's full of tourists, though it makes it easier to get around.

  3. Ao Nang, It has a much nicer feel and is a good choice for families.


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