Igorot Lodge: Baguio

I love Baguio, like most people do. But nowadays, it's been really stressful there, because of the increasing crowds and traffic. So, when I am in Baguio, I often look for hotels that are far from the maddening central district. I turn my head to Camp John Hay.

Although known to be expensive, the manor at Camp John Hay is the perfect hide away for a weekend in Baguio. When I was there for Panagbena and a wedding of a friend, it was fully booked. I had to go to another inside the area. Welcome to the Igorot Lodge.

There is another cheap option in John Hay, and that's Mile Hi Inn, but the place creeps me out, so I decided to go to Igorot Lodge which is beside Starbucks, Cantinetta and House of Waffles.

The rooms here cost P2,800, still quite expensive for standard accommodation, but the place offers the same peace and ambience of Manor, in a much smaller and simpler scale.

For some weird reason, the photo I took of my room got damaged, so I have nothing to show of the interior. But I could say that it was old, but clean. There is no aircon, and my room had a lot of windows, so the cool breeze was very inviting.

If you're looking for an alternative in John Hay to Manor (just because it's full), check out the Igorot Lodge. And since it's beside Starbucks, I'm pretty much solved here.


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