The Molave Milk Station: Barili, Cebu

On the way to Moalboal in Cebu, you will notice this intriguing signage in the scenic town of Barili.

The Molave Milk Station is a popular stop over for travelers going to and from the western coastline of Cebu island.
They sell cow's and carabao's milk, ice cream and shakes here. The ice cream is of course their popular product. It comes in soft serve as well. You have flavors like chocolate, buko pandan, vanilla, mango, strawberry and even pandan chocolate and buko chocolate.

I was wrong not to take pictures of their products. I only realized it now as I write this. The vanilla ice cream I got was not that milky, but has that homemade taste. It's tastes more like a sorbet.

The Molave Milk Station is actually a private farm as I was told. Animals graze freely in the fields. We weren't able to enter though since it was restricted.

I love the town of Barili as it reminds me so much of Ubud in Bali. I think the Cebu government can convert this into an arts and culture destination that boasts of inspiring views of rice fields and rolling hills. For those who have been to Ubud, you would get what I mean. I hope Barili does become a tourist spot as well, where spas, restaurants, and villas perched on mountain cliffs can assimilate into its peaceful landscape.


  1. what's the telephone number of molave milk station??

  2. Wat's the telephone num of molave milk station?


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