Cambughay Falls: Siquijor Series

After having lunch in Princesa Bulakna, we drove off on our small multicab to Cambughay Falls, one of the main attractions of Siquijor. The drive didn't take long, as we were already in the town of Maria.

There was a waiting shed and a sign board that marked the entrance of the path going down the falls. The stairway was concrete, though it took us around 300 steps going down. Yes, you will take the same route going back.

We saw the turquoise blue reveal itself against the foliage as we descended carefully. There were some foreign tourists going back up, who seemed pleased with what they saw.

Finally, we saw the first level of the falls, a simple, low drop that created soothing sounds. The water was cool perfect, not too cold, not hot. We couldn't see the bottom as the water was opaque.

I moved up to find another drop, a very small one. The third level looked the same as well. The surrounding was very peaceful. There were a lot of locals diving from the top of the first level as well, which I did as well. I must advise everyone though to know where the rocks are before jumping off. Since the water is opaque, you couldn't see where you will be landing. I almost landed on a rock, so I consider myself lucky. A Korean recently died here because of landing on a rock as well, so if you're really that adventurous, just ask the locals where to land.

I like Cambughay Falls because it has kept its natural beauty in tact. There were no huts, no picnic tables, no hawkers. I commend the Siquijor government in deciding to keep the place this way, unlike other waterfall attractions in the country that look more like a swimming pool now.

Cambughay Falls may not be spectacular, but in charming and laid back Siquijor, it fits perfectly. I just wished we had our lunch here, and could stay longer, but we had to rush to find a nice beach where we could swim. So after two hours, we went back up and drove to the popular beach town of San Juan.


  1. love it..
    its nice to be there
    hope i can go there soon


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