Prinsesa Bulakna Resort: Siquijor Series

From Salagdoong, we then moved on to our next resort, Prinsesa Bulakna, which was around 10 minutes away, still in the town of Maria. We hired the same multicab that we contracted when we arrived the night before to go to Salagdoong. We got the multicab since we planned to go around the island that day. It set us back P1,500 with gas.

At first, we thought Princesa Bulakna was deserted. It was a bit dusty going here, since it also hadn't rained for the longest time. We caught a glimpse of cottages lined up along the road, and headed downwards to the beach front where the reception was located.

Turns out that we were the only guests in Princesa Bulakna. The owner, an Italian residing in the Philippines for 15 years now, told us that they had to turn us down last night (we called them up a well) because there was no electricity in the resort. Now that they have fixed the problem, he said he was ready to accommodate us.

Princesa Bulakna reminded me of a resort I stayed in Malaysia. It was breezy, and had a very relaxing atmosphere. In fact, the resort made you feel miles away from civilization, without leaving some comfort behind.

We had lunch before checking in, since the rooms were still being arranged. The restaurant was my favorite place in the resort as it had a view overlooking the vast coastline of San Juan.

We checked in after lunch, around 12:30PM, and found the rooms adequate. We got two cottages in the beachfront area, and 2 cottages uphill. The ones uphill cost P1,200 a night for two, while the one downstairs cost more. We got a discounted rate for the rooms facing the beach. The deluxe room (the best room here) cost us P3,000 while another room, that could fit 5 pax cost us P2,500 a night. I thought it was pretty good, given that we had better amenities such as this two 3 layered infinity pool.

The pool was very inviting and huge, considering it had 3 levels. We dove from top to bottom, rolling ourselves like crazy over the edge. And since the beach here was a bit rocky, the pool was our water playground for our entire stay here.

The beach of Princesa Bulakna is a bit rocky, but still had fine white sand. It wasn't powdery though, and the sand quality in Salagdoong was better. Nevertheless, the beach here was vast and wide, and is probably around a kilometer long. There are other resorts nearby, but they all seem deserted. As I've said, the town of Maria was not a popular area for beach resorts. San Juan garnered the lion share of tourists in Siquijor.

All in all, our stay in Princesa Bulakna was pleasant. We got what we needed most: a quiet place to relax. And we owned the resort. The fact that we were the only guests made our stay better. I know that's a bad thing for the resort, but at least it can still become very exclusive. I recommend this resort if you just want to get away from it all.

Tel No: (035) 422-3787


  1. the owner of princesa bulakna is dr. ed apolinar and family...the italian was the former manager of pbr... thanks


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