Perfect Phi Phi: Amazing Krabi Series

Phi Phi is the ultimate destination for me in Thailand. After months of patiently waiting, I find myself here, in this heavenly place, where limestone rocks tower above the glistening aqua sea. The water was serene, as we head into Phi Phi Le from Koh Mai Pai. Phi Phi Le looks very much like El Nido in Palawan, and more breathtaking than Coron in Palawan as well, and Caramoan in Cam Sur. I haven't been to Halong Bay, so this surely becomes the most awe inspiring limestone landscape I have seen.

We were supposed to snorkel, but our tour guide tells us that time was running out and that we had to make it to Maya Bay soon. So, we made our way through the rocks, and found ourselves entering the bay made popular by the one of my cult movies, "The Beach".

As soon as I saw the familiar opening into the bay, I played Porcelain on my iPod. I was truly in heaven. Though the scene was utterly disturbed by hundreds of other tourists and speedboats, I tuned out to the song and imagined I was all alone in this paradise.

And it was indeed paradise. The sand was powder soft, the water clear and the unspoilt beauty impossibly amazing. I mean, how could the Thais have maintained this place well? With hundreds of tourists here, they have managed to keep it as if it has just been discovered. Turns out Maya Bay was a national park, and so are most parts of Phi Phi. Thus, no one can set up a resort or live in these areas. Thus, the pristine beauty.

We were fortunate that we arrived late, so we had some time with the bay with less people. I was able to capture this unforgettable scene. I realized that the movie Beach did a lot of computer graphics, by closing this gap to make it more secluded. They also told me that they planted more coconut trees at the back of the island during the shoot. Nevertheless, I was more than satisfied that I was here.

After Maya Bay, we jetted off to Tonsai Bay, on Phi Phi Don, the largest of the Phi Phi islands, and where all the resorts and establishments are set up.

Tonsai Bay is where the ferries dock, and there are a lot of resorts in this area. As you walk further inward, you will discover that the other side is another beach (I forgot the name). It reminded me of a mini Boracay, with the quaint shops and stalls and food spots. And the island vibe can't get any more relaxed here.

We had a filling Thai lunch here, yes, by the beach. The tide was low, so the white sand blinded the surrounding. We had some free time to roam around.

There's really nothing much to do here, just eat, drink and enjoy the sun and sea. In a way, I was regretting getting a tour, but since the package was way worth the price, I was glad I took it. I was able to get a quick tour of the magnificence of Phi Phi.

So that ends 3 awesome days in Krabi. We would return to Bangkok the next day. It was really one of my best beach experiences - Koh Mai Pai and Phi Phi. I highly recommend all beach addicts to go here, and soak up to the perfect splendor of the crown jewels of the Andaman Sea in Thailand.


  1. do you recommend staying in a hotel in tonsai bai where it's beachfront ?

  2. and what airline did you fly from bkk to krabi?


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