Coco Grove Beach Resort: Siquijor Series

Because it is the best resort in Siquijor, Coco Grove is always fully booked. When we stopped over here to look at the place, we asked about vacancies. The friendly receptionist told us they were booked for a month. When we were inquiring, foreigners arrived and asked for vacancies too. They were also turned down.

So what makes Coco Grove attractive? Well, I think it is one of the best independent resorts I have seen in the Philippines. Like Chemas by the Sea in Samal, Coco Grove is a resort built around nature. It was splendidly designed as a resort that blends with the trees and the beach.

It also had a lot of open spaces, and sometimes reminded me of Alona Tropical in Bohol (my recommended value resort in Panglao).

There were cabanas in corners, where one can dine, drink or just read a book. I didn't know if they had good food, but when we arrived, the kitchen was preparing a Filipino buffet for its guests. The buffet was sold out, so we couldn't be accommodated as well.

As we were not in house guests, we weren't able to see the interior of the cottages. I assumed they had simple luxuries, and well kept, since the entire resort is like that. There was an outdoor massage area, a spa, that looked very inviting.

There are also day beds scattered near the pool area. More outdoor dining tables also line up the bar and recreation area. The pool looked refreshing, though a bit small. I thought the pool of Bulakna was better.

The huge trees provided shade from the glistening sun. The cabanas made the entire place look very upscale, when in fact, the average rate of one night here is just P3,000. The cheapest room is P2,400 - not bad for all these facilities. They also have luxury villas between P6,000 to P8,000.

They had a wide beach front, though the sand was again coarse and coral. I don't think swimming was recommended, though I may have visited the beach during low tide.

All in all, Coco Gove Beach Resort in Siquijor was a delight. We were all so frustrated that we couldn't be accommodated. Although I realized that this was a place to relax, and mostly foreigners are billeted here. Everyone was minding their own business quietly, making the surrounding very peaceful. So, if you want to stay in Coco Grove, better start booking early.

Tubod, San Juan, Siquijor
(035) 481-5008
(035) 481-5006


  1. Hi RJ,

    Thanks for your review of our resort. Sorry we were fully book when you were visiting, usually during holy week and Christmas it gets pretty busy. Do you mind if we share your story on our facebook? Sorry that is delayed as I just saw your review now. You have taken some great photos. Thanks again, hope to meet you when you come visit us again :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks for posting this, na excite naman ako bigla sa Siquojor trip namin next week =]

  3. Hi RJ,

    We are currently looking for a place for our honeymoon. I'm considering this place.

    Do you have any other places that you can recommend?

    Thanks :)
    -issa n jp-

  4. Hi Issa and JP! Congratulations!
    I am quite impressed that you are considering Siquijor as your honeymoon spot. What type of honeymoon do you want and where have you already been to? Also, are you limited to the Philippines?

  5. Thanks RJ! Actually, we haven't really thought about it yet. At first, we wanted to go to Macau since it was raining when we first went there. Not really limited to the Philippines but would like to go home after 2 to 3 days so we could still spend time with our families who'll be coming home from the US.


  6. Magkana ba ang over night dito???mura lang ba??

  7. Hi

    We too had stayed at Coco grove resort. While it is priced high, it is a fantastic palce, with kayaking and snorkeling just next to the resort. We also enjoyed goign to the fire fly sanctuary and eating dinenr here. We could hold a firefly!

    You can read more about my experience in Siquijor here -


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