Koh Mai Pai: Amazing Krabi Series

The next day was the day that I was waiting for. It was the trip that I had been wanting to do since I set foot on Thailand the first time in 2004. Now, I am very near. But before that, a beautiful stop over in one of my favorite islands in the world, Koh Mai Pai.

Koh Mai Pai is also called Bamboo Beach. Located in the Andaman Sea, the island is small enough to be encircled in 15 minutes. It's perfect for a stopover, and since there are picnic tables and small huts, most tour operators use this again for a lunch time venue.

Koh Mai Pai has great powder white sand - very soft and fine indeed. Pine trees line up the wide shoreline, and creates a pleasant and cool atmosphere.

When we were here, the waves were crashing playfully on the shore, so it made swimming very irresistible.

Koh Mai Pai was just a stop over that set my expectations of the BEACH even higher. If all of the islands of the Andaman Sea were like this, then this part of the world is heaven for me.


  1. The beach is very nice,sand looks soft.Thanks so much for sharing your good trip.


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