Back in Biri Town: Northern Samar Series

After the out of this world experience, we silently and hungrily headed back into the town of Biri. We visited this resort, owned by a German. I wasn't able to get the contact details of the resort, but it is past the municipal hall from the port. You can't miss it since it's only one road and it's a walking distance from the pier. You can just ask the locals for directions.

The Biri Resort is probably the best place to stay in the island. There are around 5 resort hotels in Biri town, and there are also homestays as well. They don't get guests, except for adventurous travelers from different countries who fall in love with the place and stay for a month.

And who shouldn't? Biri is a very laid back town, quite busy but has a cool and relaxed island vibe. There are a few eateries, a simple market, practically no night life and yet, I feel that the island is very alive.

I found the people to be very accommodating as well. They were quite shy at first, but once you get to talk to them, they have a whole lot of stories to tell about their island.

So life here is pretty slow. We had a very late lunch, then found this roadside halo-halo joint which was perfect for a hot day. We then went back to our boat at 4PM at the pier.

We passed by the Statue of the Risen Jesus again, which looked grander with the spotlight of an early sunset. The water was calm and shimmering golden.

And so, after a memorable day of adventure, we ended up back in the port of Lavezares again, where the stench of fish greeted us. We boarded the pick up and agreed that Biri was one of the most unforgettable places we have been to. I couldn't agree less. I highly recommend this trip to every adventurer. This is a must-visit in the Philippines.


  1. Hi
    Biri Resort is owned by a brit he has a website its also a scuba dive shop

  2. Nice! Now there are so many places to travel on my list. Whew! Philippines is really a great country, so blessed with God's natural wonders!

  3. hello.. that's a beautiful spots you have in that island.. but,, can i have some pictures with the people yo get along with when you were still wandering in that province.. i'm hoping i can find my lost family as well.. hope you won't mind my asking.. thanks! here's my account in facebook.. (

  4. Hello
    Your are nearly correct and its a great place to visit.
    Update for the guy on this blog the resort is Biri Resort & Dive Center

    The web address is and and the other thing is he is a Scottish guy.

    For any one interested to see more they can look them up on face book Biri Scuba and Biri Resort & Dive Center


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