Grill Fest! Nationwide Caravan

I really don't post about my work, but I just can't help but promote our latest Summer event, the Grill Fest by the Monterey Meatshop and Magnolia Chicken Station.

The Grill Fest is the first ever nationwide BBQ caravan fiesta. We kicked off in Catarman, Northern Samar last April 17, and will be ending in Tuguegarao on June 17.

What's in a grill fest? Well, the grill fest is actually an outdoor BBQ party. The event has the usual games, raffles and freebies from our valued sponsors. We also have a cooking demo from a master chef. Here you can see Chef Gene Gonzalez in our Quezon City leg grilling away mouthwatering dishes.

We have an interactive grilling station where you can grill your own meats. You can grill your own chicken inasal, pork satay BBQ, pork liempo and porkchop.

Aside from that, we also have a grilling showdown called Masters of the Grill, where finalists from the area compete head to head in a live grilling competition.

So, the Grill Fest is all about free food, that will surely fill you up enough for you to skip dinner. I saw that a lot of the guests enjoyed grilling their own meats, especially the kids (of course, with the help of our grill experts).

We still have 5 Grill Fests to go, so check out our schedule below. See you there!

Paseo De Sta. Rosa Laguna - May 7
Tappan Park, Subic - May 15
Batangas City Provincial Capitol - May 22
BF Homes Clubhouse, Paranaque - May 29
Tuguegarao, Cagayan - June 17
Call (02) 633-MEAT for more details.


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