The Magnificent Rock Formations of Biri: Northern Samar Series

There are a few places in the Philippines that have made me nod in disbelief. Last year, Magpopongco in Siargao and Tambobong in Pangasinan were successful in doing that. This year, the rock formations in Biri in Northern Samar made me do more than that.

Who wouldn't be enchanted upon this sight? Rock islands around 200 meters away from the main shoreline, separated by small mangrove plants arranged in almost perfect straight lines.

The majestic rocks of Biri are a wonder of nature. There are 6 in total, covering an area of almost a kilometer across. We were only able to visit the one at the end of the line. You could easily walk to the island if the tide is low, but when it's high, the water reaches up to the chest level, making it very difficult to get through.

Even the surroundings were breathtaking. The sand at the shoreline of Biri Island was not fine, but was glistening at the heat of the noon sun.

We passed through coral reefs revealing itself in the low tide, so we were were careful in our steps. We also hopped on scattered rocks as we neared the rock island.

The island looked what they described it to be. Extra terrestrial. The towering rock walls made me feel I was on the moon, or on another planet.

It was also easy to climb to the summit because of these moon-like steps paved. I couldn't contain my excitement, that I had to drop my bag, leave it at the bottom and rushed to the top.

There were chambers on the edges of the rock, that would make for a perfect lounge area overlooking the great Pacific. This place really looked like it was carved by aliens, not by nature.

I moved up to the summit, and I was greeted by the most awe-inspiring view of the sea in my life. Imagine powerful waves crashing into majestic rocks that seemed to protect the fragile mangrove plants near the shore.

No words can describe my feeling at the summit. I was still nodding my head in disbelief. I've never stopped. Every corner, every view made left me breathless.

We headed down after taking endless shots of the view, to cool off in this natural pool formed by a crater. The splash of water coming from the Pacific created intermittent waterfalls. I was still in disbelief.

I was happy that the locals had not abused these magnificent rock formations. There were very few vandals on the walls of the rocks, and little trash as well. We weren't alone when we visited. I think there were two other groups who were having their lunch there. We only stayed for around 2 hours exploring, since we arrived 11AM, and we were getting hungry already. So, at 1PM, we had to bid farewell to an experience we will definitely repeat.

The Biri rock formations should be included in the Wonders of Nature list. This is something that we Filipinos can be proud of. A unique, almost extra terrestrial landscape that is found here in the Philippines. I invite all backpackers in the world to visit Biri and make it known. It's just too beautiful to keep secret.


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