I Love HK

If there was one place I would like to move to, it would be Hong Kong. I simply love this mega city. It's filled with so many things to do, so many things to see, so many food to eat, so many people to meet.

I've been to Hong Kong twice in the last month. The first time I went was to buy my new Mac.Book Pro. HK has the cheapest Macs in Asia, that if I buy a ticket, it would still be cheaper than buying from here. That is if you spend just a day there. Which was what I did.

For those familiar with HK, you will instantly know that this scene is definitely Mongkok, one of the busiest shopping districts of the city. I spotted this cool ice cream truck on a corner.

Mongkok is filled with people shopping and creating a scene. There are promotions and performers left and right, some of which are very interesting, like the one below:

The guy stood there, and had anyone paint on his clothes. See the big Cebu writing? I guess a Cebuano was excited to paint this guy.

I love Hong Kong also because it's a city where every corner has a new discovery. There are just so many things and places, that you cannot consume them in a lifetime. I just went back recently, and discovered more new places, new restaurants and new shops.

Hong Kong will have its great sale next month, so book your tickets now. I'll try to post some entries on the most popular tourist places in HK, like Disneyland, the Ocean Park, Ngong Ping 360, the Peak, Stanley and LKF.


  1. which store sells cheap macbooks? ty

  2. almost all stores sell macs at the same price. to be safe, go to the chain stores, like Citicall and Broadway. But I buy my Macs at DG Lifestyle at the 11th floor of the Windsor House in Causeway Bay. It's an authorized Mac seller. They have other branches, but I particularly go to this one because they know me already. :)


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