The Lighthouse Marina

The Lighthouse Marina Hotel is one of the most exclusive and luxurious hotels in Subic. It brands itself as such, and thus, the rates here are one of the most expensive as well in the area.

The Lighthouse is situated at the end of the marina bay, and yes, there is a lighthouse that serves as its landmark. It's a small hotel, making it the boutique type.

The service here is good, and the ambience quite relaxing. There is a restaurant that served sumputous grilled dishes and international cuisine.

We were here to have a night cap after having dinner in Vasco's, another favorite of mine in Subic. It's best to have a drink in their patio/terrace area, near the poolside.

I also love their flourless chocolate cake, which was topped with chocolate ice cream. It was one of the best I have tasted.

There was a singer performing some chill out jazz and contemporary music. The pool was still open at night, so it was lit up.

I still haven't stayed at the Lighthouse Marina because I don't really splurge on room accommodations especially if you have a lot of other choices in the area that are cheaper. Nevertheless, I still go back to have drinks and dessert here, enjoying the relaxing ambience and friendly service that the hotel offers.


  1. I suddenly remember the service crew (lady)... Goosebumps!!!


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