Sumilon For the nth Time

I don't even know how many times I have been to Sumilon. But every time I go there, I always feel it's my first time. For this post, I will be posting pictures of the resort but using my iPhone and Instagram. I have so many shots on my iPhone that I never post on this blog, so I hope this is a start.

For those of you who don't know, Sumilon is located in Southern Cebu, in the town of Oslob. It is a tiny island just off mainland Cebu. So you need to take a boat ride from its private jetty to the island.

The island resort only has 9 cottages, but they are now building new ones and renovating the old ones. So expect more by nest year.  They also pioneered glamping in the Philippines, though I haven't tried their comfortable (luxury) tents.

I love Sumilon because it is an island. And with limited rooms, imagine how sparse this place can be especially on weekdays. They do allow day trips, so weekends can get a lot of people during peak and holiday seasons.

I love their infinity pool that seems to blend naturally with the azure sea. Nobody really swims since the island has a long beach on each side. One side (the eastern side) is for snorkeling and kayaking, while the other side has an alluring white sandbar for swimming.

The food here is also amazing. The Maribago group does guarantee superb quality in their cuisine, so even though Sumilon is an island, they still stick to this promise. Breakfast is also a pleasure here, as they offer plated ones (I don't like breakfast buffets), in which the food comes in fresher. 

I thought I wouldn't be writing about Sumilon anymore, since I have already 2 posts about it here and here. It is the complete resort for me - without sacrificing exclusivity, seclusion and natural beauty. 

I end this post with a picture of my daughter seemingly in the middle of the sea. She is actually alone in the sandbar while I was up on the cliff taking her picture. The sun was about to go down, and the beachcombers suddenly disappeared. It was the perfect moment. And we've had so many of these in Sumilon. 


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