Ditumabo Falls: Baler

Whenever people ask me where the best place is nearby Manila, I always mention Baler. It may not be appealing to some, but I have found my place in this secluded town eastern seaboard of Luzon. But Baler is not all about Sabang Beach and surfing. Many find new places to explore, such as mountain and waterfall hikes. Here we explore the most famous waterfall in town, Ditumabo.

The trek to the falls will take you around 20 minutes if you are pretty fit. The hike involves quite a struggle. You begin in taking a small path to the jungle side, which narrows down as you go further on.

They say it is best to go with a guide, but the trail is visible, and it's fun to get lost anyway. There are other tourists on the trail, so just follow them.

One of the many struggles in the trail is passing through fast moving streams. The current can be strong, so it may be a challenge to those who have weak legs. So better be prepared to tread some rough yet cool water. 

Once you finish going upstream, you will have to climb a small ladder to reach this cemented pathway that has scenic views of the stream. You will slowly hear the gush of the waterfalls as you approach the bend. 

And just like that, you are rewarded with white raging waters flowing to a pool of clear blue green. The water looked so inviting that one cannot resist the urge to swim. 

Ditumabo Falls is around 20 feet in height by my estimate, so it's not that tall Although, the view was awe inspiring, very relaxing indeed. We even attempted to jump from a rock, but it proved dangerous as the depth of the pool was not too deep. 

Just beneath the drop off is a man made cascading waterfall that I think is used to generate hydro energy. This is just a guess. I didn't bother to ask anymore, but there were some facilities that indicated this. Nevertheless, it added more drama to the already spectacular landscape.

It was beginning to drizzle so we hurried back after an hour of frolicking on the cool refreshing water. The trek back was easier of course, since it was downhill. The short yet rewarding experience was something we were happy we did, even though we were all tired from the early morning trip.

I end this post with a picture of my trusty Big Jambox and iPod, both of whom are not with me anymore. The former broke down, while the other was thrown into sea accidentally. I dedicate this post to my music partners who have been with me for more than a year. 


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