The Island Explorer Rating

Before I move on writing, let me just explain a new feature on my experiences with hotels and resorts. At the end of each write up is a score board that churns out a rating (score) based on my experience. The criteria are:

Ambience: the over-all character and atmosphere of the place
Room: the quality and amenities of the room
Service: the one key thing that separates a five-star hotel from the rest
Facilities: activities and places in the hotel and resort like the gym, business center spa, etc.
Dining: the most overlooked criteria of a hotel and resort, also the state where you dine in
Over-all Experience: was I happy, satisfied and wanting to come back at the end of the trip

These sum up to the Island Explorer Score, which is a 0 to 5 rating that I give to all the hotels and resorts I have visited.

0 - forget it
1 - unacceptable
2 - fair
3 - good
4 - excellent
5- perfect

So far, the highest score goes to El Nido in Pangulasian with a score of 4.6. Congratulations! You are indeed the best in the country so far. I will try to rate the rest of the hotels and resorts so you can have an overview of what to expect in each property. But then again, if I write about it here, then the property must have made an impact to me. For once, I already have preselected these places, thus, they were already my choices.

So with that, happy travels!


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