Surf's Up: Baler

One may go to Baler for one reason only. That is to surf. Baler is an emerging surfing destination, following the footsteps of San Fernando in La Union, Daet in Camarines Norte and of course, Siargao. Being closer to Manila, Baler is indeed a growing mecca for surfers old and new.

So it was too impossible for us to try out surfing. We were a huge group of 30 people on a vacation, so part of our package was to try out surfing. We enrolled at the Mahdox Surf School just in the middle of Sabang beach.

At first, surfing may sound too daunting. The instructor gives you tips on how to stand and maintain your balance, but of course, all of that changes when you get to the sea.

You just have to remember one thing when you surf. Keep your balance. That is the start. Get up and balance yourself on this wooden board that will naturally float and ride the wave. 

And yes, that's me proud to stand on my first try. I must admit, I was rather skeptical of surfing, but as my consequent visits to Baler shows, I have discovered a new passion in surfing. 

Well, it's not that easy for others. I just had to post these pictures of my colleges who took the challenge of surfing and diving at the same time. Haha!

In the end, an hour of surfing for the first time is exhausting. We had so much fun, and the waves at July in Baler are perfect for beginners. Although the time it took to wait for a "good one" (wave) was slower. We came again in October and the waves just kept coming in -bigger and fiercer. 

So here I am again, trying to ride the last part of the wave. I truly enjoyed surfing, but at my age, I know I had to be fitter. You really need stamina and strength in your core. 

This ends my posts for the year on Baler, one of my favorite places this year. As I have said, since my first visit this year, I have been back 4 times! That's once a month! I truly love the chill out vibe of the entire town, thanks to the surfer culture that is clearly felt throughout the entire stretch of Sabang. And to think I haven't even been outside Baler! So, till my next trip to Aurora!


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