Serenity at Stilts: Calatagan, Batangas

It was a lazy Saturday morning when I dared my friends to be spontaneous and escape for the weekend. Without any plans, we found ourselves driving South, stopping at BF Homes first for lunch and coffee. I had a place in mind, but I wasn't sure of its quality, since, from its pictures, it looked run down. I was glad I still took the risk, since it has become one of my favorite escapes from Manila.

The Stilts in Calatagan, Batangas is a longer drive versus the more popular Nasugbu area. The beaches of Nasugbu may be better, but if you want more seclusion, Calatagan is your choice. And Stilts has over water cottages that will remind you of Palawan more than Batangas.

The native cottages that Stilts carry are not luxurious, though their interiors are adorned fittingly. They are clean and each has a different layout. I suggest you get the ones further down the water to get uninterrupted views of the sea.

Each cottage is much like a beach house. It comes complete with living, dining and kitchen areas. Some cottages have even 2 bedrooms and attics that can accommodate more people. Thus, you may call Stilts more of a family resort, rather than something for honeymooners. You are in Batangas anyway.

Stilts on mainland is actually a huge resort. It has 2 swimming pools, a festive restaurant, picnic spots and even a beach. Again, don't expect a 5 star resort. We're actually happy to hear that the decade old resort underwent renovations already. The over water cottages got their much needed interior redo.

There's a spa if you want to pamper yourself further. There's also a whole range of water sports like kayaking that are readily available by the beach. 

So there's actually a lot of things to do here, other than doing perfectly nothing from the hammock of your cottage.  Or climb down your cottage and float forever on the clear waters.

Or watch the sun fall into the night sky with a splash of velvet hues, again, all while rocking at the comforts of your own hammock.

I am a sucker for places that make you truly feel like you're in a vacation - far away from the city and the hustle and bustle of things. As I age gracefully, I am beginning to settle down in places that give me serenity and of course, a jaw dropping view. I'm so glad I discovered Stilts to satisfy this new craving for peace.


Stilts Calatagan
+63 917 580 7683

Ambience: 4
Room: 3
Service: 3
Facilities: 3
Dining: 3
Over-all Experience: 3.5
I.E Score: 3.25 (good)


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