Villa Kaloo: Boracay's Beachfront Wonder

Villas or vacation rentals are still a lesser known accommodation type in the Philippines. Most Filipinos would gravitate towards resorts and hotels. Since I discovered vacation rentals way back during my South African trip, I have not stopped looking for houses that can be rented for a day or two. Well, this post is about a beach house I rented recently in the most popular island in the country. I couldn't stop raving about it ever since. Welcome to Villa Kaloo.

The picture above must have gotten your attention. Yes, the house is on a beachfront and in Station 1. It's actually just beside Friday's, so it's not that far. However, staying here makes you feel miles away from the hustle and bustle of mad Boracay. 

The house is actually just one of many I have been wanting to book since November last year. But these beach houses from SPR Realty were hard to get by back then. Oddly enough, it was in the summer season when I was able to get a slot.

I chose Villa Kaloo for one particular feature. This patio. And it opened up to the beach. Imagine, the white sands of Boracay just at your doorstep. 

I actually stayed for hours just looking out to the beach, watching paraws sail over the idyllic waters. There weren't a lot of people on this side of White Beach, so this spot was perfect for peace and quiet. 

The house is grand and designed like a Mediterranean retreat with Asian influences in the interiors. There were lots of space. The house had a large kitchen for you to cook in. It had a dining table for eight people and even an expansive living area. 

Villa Kaloo has four bedrooms, three on the upper floor and one at the ground level. The bedrooms facing the beach upstairs were really spacious and wide. I felt there was so much space wasted in this beach mansion. But again, it's all part of the grandeur of the house. 

I particularly loved the terraces of the bedrooms where a private nook can be found. I can imagine reading a book here for the rest of the afternoon while having uninterrupted views of white sands. 

The caretakers of the house are also very pleasant and you can ask them to buy food and drinks for you. They even set up sun lounges on the beach during sunset. The view can't get any better than that. I didn't take any pictures anymore, since I was enjoying myself so much.

And so, the wait has ended. I have stayed in a beachfront house in Boracay and the experience was divine. I will never stay in another hotel or resort if I am with a big group in Boracay. My first choice will be this private escape that just took my love of Boracay to a whole new level. 


Villa Kaloo
SPR Real Estate Boracay
+63 36 288 5798

Ambience: 4
Room: 4
Service: 3
Facilities: 4
Dining: NA
Over-all Experience: 4
I.E Score: 3.8 (good)


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