Cafe Lawis

So I've been to Bohol several times, but I haven't been to this popular cafe till now. Cafe Lawis has always been recommended by my friends who have toured Bohol. Well, it's probably because I don't take the tours when I'm in Bohol.

Cafe Lawis is located beside the Dauis Church in Panglao Island. It's on the way to Alona Beach coming from Tagbilaran. You just have to make a short turn to the town center of Dauis. Don't look for a  modern cafe, because the place is actually part of an old building. I thought the cafe was a museum, so I had to ask around if I was in the right place.

The charming cafe is a souvenir shop as well. It sells various merchandise from Bohol. There are only 4 or 5 tables squeezed in between the shop and museum. However, there's a huge outdoor area that can probably accommodate weddings.

The huge terrace had a great view and it was so relaxing to have a cup of coffee under the shady acacia trees. There's even a function room that looks like an old cavern from the Spanish era.

We spent the time here to wait for our flight back to Manila. We had an early lunch as a result. I ordered a simple and refreshing broccoli soup.

My friend ordered a Chicken and Pork Adobo which I thought was nothing special. The serving wasn't as big though.

I had the Chicken Cordon Bleu, which was excellent. Given that these dishes cost less than P180 each, I thought they were very affordable and thus, of great value. But the highlight of the cafe came at the end, dessert.

The souffles of Cafe Lawis have put them on the map of Bohol. The one above is the Ube Souffle, which was unforgettable. The lightly coarse texture and earthy flavor of ube oozing out of the soft and tender cake made it special and unique.

The bestseller though was the Tsokolate Souffle, which came with a shot of tsokolate and a cup of vanilla ice cream. The trick is to take a bite from the souffle, have a spoonful of ice cream, then shoot up the tsokolate.

So my trip to Cafe Lawis was worth the wait. And now I know why it was highly recommended. The cafe was cozy, charming and unique. It's time to make your way to Dauis before heading to Alona Beach.


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