La Mesa Ecopark

I must admit, but when I was told that the La Mesa Ecopark was something worth visiting, I really didn't care much. Located at the outskirts of Quezon City, on the way to Fairview, the La Mesa Ecopark is an integrated resort of sorts, and a breath of fresh air in a bustling city.

I was surprised to see how well maintained the park was. I was expecting rundown, or at least just a jungle type of park. But I was caught off guard.

We took a shuttle ride to the main clubhouse using an ecojeep, or an electronically powered jeepney. I was proud that the DOT and the government has been using these jeeps to promote environment friendly tourism.

The clubhouse was where the lake could be found. Here there are several activities one can choose to take. We have boating, of course, the zipline and even wall climbing.

The lake was clean and the deck below just needed some lounge chairs to make it perfect. The shade of the massive trees brought a cool breeze to the entire area. After the clubhouse, we decided to go to the actual park, which housed the swimming pool and the picnic areas.

We came in the early morning, so there wasn't a lot of people around yet. It's best this way, and you can enjoy nature amidst the peacefulness of the surroundings. I was inspired with the ecopark. The landscaping was excellent, and just rightfully done to balance with nature.

We climbed up the hill and saw a glimpse of the La Mesa dam from above. Of course, there was tight security around the dam, so we weren't able to go across.

There are several other walking or trekking trails in the area, as you go further deep into the park. There is a lot of open spaces, so the ecopark is perfect for family bonding. There are even nipa cabanas for rent if you wish to have a picnic.

I think the pictures speak well of how nice the La Mesa Ecopark is. I was taken by surprise, not expecting a place that embraced nature. The La Mesa Ecopark is a highly recommended relaxing getaway. You'll definitely feel thousands of miles away from the bustle of the city.


  1. Sadly, I went there last week, it's kinda deteriorating. My first time experience made me conclude, it's not worth a visit. Hope they would improve the park.


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