New Year in Paris

We woke up to a new year relaxed and energized again. We decided to have a late lunch after a hearty breakfast at the hotel. We ended up going to Madeline, and find a good restaurant there using our Blackberries.

The place was Goumard, one of the more established dining hotspots in Paris with seafood as their specialty. 

We were happy that it was open, since most of the restaurants in the area were closed for the holiday. Hence, there were also a lot of people dining.

We had a 3 course lunch, beginning with an appetizer, like this Escargot above. Our mains included this sea bass and a piece of ribeye steak.

Dessert was a trio sampler, and arguably one of the best ones we had for the trip. The chocolate mousse was divine. The entire lunch cost us a lot, and I was really overwhelmed with the quality of food served. Paris does really reign in fine cuisine.

As expected, most of the stores and attractions (museums especially) were closed, so we really didn't have anything to do. We've done Champs Elysees already, so we decided to go to Trocadero, to indluge in another view of the Eiffel Tower.

It was a good thing that there was another market, which sold food items from different parts of Europe. This was similar to the one we experienced during Christmas Day.

Tomorrow would be our last day of exploration, and we decided to end the trip in Versailles. We were supposed to go there when we arrived Paris, but it was closed down due to bad weather. We weren't really excited anymore, and we just wished we were in Venice again.


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