Revisiting Sumilon

Sumilon Island is one of my favorite places on this planet. I have been here 3 times already, and every visit still becomes a memorable one. As I get older and seek for more relaxing getaways, I see myself coming back to this wonderful island more often.

For those of you who haven't read my first entry on Sumilon, here are some details on getting to this island. Sumilon is located in the town of Oslob in Southern Cebu. It is sloer to Dumaguete than it is to Cebu City, so we recommend you fly to Dumaguete then have yourself be picked up from the airport there by the resort. From Cebu City, it's a three to four hour drive down South.

Sumilon offers 14 cottages on the island, and 2 on mainland Cebu. The rooms are quite large, not really luxurious in terms of amenities, but definitely above average.

Most Cebuanos go here for a day trip, which will set you back around P1,500++ per person, inclusive of meals for day. You can also snorkel, kayak and trek all for free.

The infinity pool overlooking the calm and clear sea is a highlight of the resort. But you may get tempted to stay away from the pool when you see what the entire island has to offer.

You can trek around the island, and get an amazing view from the southern most point of the island. You can also explore the interior of the island and discover a historic baluarte and the watch tower. Just make sure you have your trekking or rubber shoes on, and the hike takes you on sharp rocks.

There is also the Yamashita Caves, which was kind of a joke to us, because it was a very small chamber. I wonder if there were more openings and chambers further inside.

Circling the island will make you see the beauty of the sea and its corals. You can practically see various kinds of fishes from above. The water is that clear.

At the end of the trek, you will end up in a white sand bar, extending to the azure sea. This sandbar shifts with the tide and weather, so this time, it was located in the southern pier of the island. The last times I was here, it was located somewhere else, and was much bigger.

Nevertheless, it was still an amazing site for sun lounging, swimming and snorkeling. A few visitors were in the resort that day, so we had the sand bar for a time all to ourselves.

At the end of the day, you can have a heavenly outdoor massage overlooking the sea. The price for a massage is quite expensive though.

Sumilon Island is really an island paradise, a perfect getaway for those who just want peace and quiet. The food in the resort is also excellent and the service here is notable. When I checked out, I left a substantial amount of money in our room.  When I called the hotel to notify them, they didn't notice the envelope that I left inside the drawer. They eventually found it and told me that they can either deposit the money or keep it till I get back. Of course, I told them to keep it till I got back. I even told them to use it to book and confirm my next escape to the island.  

So Sumilon is more than just a resort for me now. If I can just call it home, I would. I am very excited for the Summer season of 2011, with several new and familiar beach destinations lined up. So, here's to the start of a sun kissed season!


  1. Aww... your photos are very lovely. We hope to visit Sumilon soon. Definitely in one of my go-to lists this 2011 :)


  2. I visited Sumilon this month even though I am disappointed in some ways but it is a sure place to go for relaxation and "me" moments.


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