Last Day in France

After spending a combined total of 6 days in Paris,  I was quite anxious to get out already. But we still had one more stop before we left the day: the Versailles Chateau. 

Versailles is located in the outskirts of Paris. To get there, we took an RER direct to the historical town. We followed the crowd who got off the train to arrive at the gates of the palace.

Versailles is like the Summer home of the French royalty, so it was a massive mansion with works of art and priceless heirlooms and artifacts. We really didn't pay attention to the story of the palace. We just knew that the kings and queens of France stayed here.

After seeing the Vatican, the frescos on the ceilings were a commonplace already. We hopped from one room to another, skipping the crowd, to get to the main attraction: the Hall of Mirrors.

The Hall of Mirrors is the centerpiece of the palace and is renowned as being one of the most famous rooms in the world. It was grand indeed, and the hanging chandeliers transported us back in time during the days of opulence.

In fact, a trip to Versailles is really more of a historical tour of French royalty. A lot of the paintings were of kings and queens, of dukes and princesses. The bedrooms and working quarters of the king and queen were also opened to the public.

The palace is also known for its beautiful gardens, but since it was winter, it was just brown all throughout. The fountains were also not operational, so we left the palace without exploring the grandest backyards we have ever seen.

After Versailles, we decided to shop in Champs, since we weren't able to shop for anything in Paris because of the holiday closures. We weren't able to buy a lot of stuff though. So instead, we found our way to Publicis Drugstore, where we had a light dinner.

It would be our last dinner in Paris, but we were still full from eating snacks along the way. All in all, Paris was everything we were told. But we sort of felt it lacked a certain energy and charm that truly inspires. Probably, it was because I was expecting too much. But don't get me wrong, Paris is amazing, and I would still go back, but in a different season. Au voir!


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