The Agoo Church

I am not a big fan of churches, since in the Philippines, they pretty much look the same to me. There are some though that mesmerize, like the Miag-ao Church in Iloilo and this one, the Basilica of our Lady of Charity, more known as the Agoo Church.

To be honest, I felt the need to visit the Church when I passed by Agoo's charming town center. I hate how we lack old towns in our country. We really don't seem to care about preserving our heritage, and every old structure is torn down to make way for new ones. Or we just paint the entire thing, make it look modern, new, but ultimately lose its value.

The Agoo Church may have been preserved well, though I can notice all the enhancements made. I was particularly drawn to the ceiling where majestic wooden chandeliers reminded you of the medieval period. The Church itself looked grand, but it somehow lost its old world charm as well.

I was inspired by the front door, which had interesting markings. It was huge solid wood door, painted probably in the last year.

I came on a Sunday, and so there were a lot of visitors. People were praying the rosary when we arrived. 

Outside was the courtyard and gardens, where candles where lit for prayers. The atmosphere was very serene, even though it was just next to a Jollibee. 

The Agoo Church is worth a visit especially if you are on your way to the surfing beaches of La Union. The town center was charming, and taking a stroll around the city hall or inside the Church grounds is an experience that is worth stopping for.


  1. i just pass by that church on my way to San Fernando or in Ilocos Sur but I haven't seen the interior of the church... very nice! :)


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