En Route to Camotes

Finally, after 5 years of wanting, I found myself boarding the ferry to the island of Camotes in Cebu. If you have been reading my blogs on Cebu, you will be familiar with Camotes, as the destination I've wanted to go to, but never got the chance. So now, boarding this ferry is indeed surreal.

The journey to Camotes began with a jeepney ride (P30 per person) from Mandaue to the port of Danao City, just an hour north of Metro Cebu. The jeepneys usually pick up passengers bound for Camotes at MC Briones Street across Jollibee AS Fortuna. There are also buses that you can take, but taking a jeepney or v-hire is faster. You get down in front of the pier, so it's very convenient.

We took the Jomalig ferry, at 8AM in the morning. There are rides every 2 hours, but it's best to call before you go. The ferry was packed with tourists, especially Koreans. I wondered if this was a regular season since the isolation of Camotes doesn't seem to be a problem. After a seemingly long 2 hour ferry ride, the islands of Camotes appeared at a distance.

We disembarked at the Consuelo Wharf. There were several motorcycle rides calling out to tourists. We called in a multicab in Mangodlong Rock Resort, where we were supposed to stay in. We were met by a cheerful tour guide (sorry but forgot her name).

We decided to have lunch first in Bayview, which was in the town center of San Francisco. At this point, I was pleased with how Camotes positions itself as a tourist destination.

Bayview was a breezy waterfront venue. It doesn't have your standard restaurants, but it has a clean market that served BBQ dishes. I was getting excited about Camotes, because the atmosphere was very relaxing. There wasn't a lot of people around and those who were there were very accommodating.

After a satisfying lunch, we headed to our resort, the Mangodlong Rock Resort. The Mangodlong Rock Resort is one of the pioneer resorts in Camotes. It was highly recommended by friends who already visited Camotes. But there was another resort beside it that looked it just recently opened. And after taking a peek, I didn't hesitate to check in here.

It is the newest resort in Camotes Island, and I do hope after this post, it will still remain affordable and well maintained. Welcome to the Mangodlong Paradise Resort. More on this paradise in my next post!


Jomalig Shipping Corporation
Ferry Schedules

Danao to Consuelo
5:30 AM (except Thursday)
8:30 AM
12:00 PM
5:30 PM

Consuelo to Danao
5:30 AM
9:00 AM
2:00 PM
4:00 PM (except Wednesday)

Call for updates:
Danao - 0906-3640873
Consuelo - 0948-6699345


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