The Apple Store Hong Kong

I was walking in IFC headed for Pret-a-Porter, when BOOM! It was there. I was planning to check out the Apple Store afterwards, but as I went up the escalator, it was there.

This Apple Store was the first in Hong Kong. It received over 100,000 guests in its first weekend, when some Apple stores in other parts of the world did that in a month. I am a proud Apple user for 6 years now, and entering this store was like paying homage to a religion.

The Apple Store HK had the iconic glass staircase, which overlook the Victoria Harbor and Kowloon. This is in central IFC, so you don't get any better location. The huge Apple logo says it all. Apple has conquered Hong Kong.

And the crowd confirms this. The Apple Store was very busy at lunch time, and it seems that all their staff were pre occupied. The second floor was dedicated to the Genius Bar, where first time Apple buyers got their first lessons on using their Macs, iPods and iPads. 

It seemed that everyone, young and old alike have fallen under the spell of Apple. I myself was trying so hard not to purchase anything. And yes, I was successful. Thanks to the crowds that made me lose patience in making a purchase. 

So after checking out what Apple has in store (like I didn't know), I took these pictures and felt like a tourist indeed. Apple draws tourism to the IFC as well, given the different types (races) of people who were int he store.

So that's my visit to the Apple Store in Hong Kong. The store was huge, and very crowded still. It's a must visit of course, almost an obligation if you're an Apple fan.


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