Biking Around Camotes

I I wanted to end my Camotes blog with Santiago Bay, but if there's one thing that made my trip memorable, it was the impromptu bicycle tour that we took on our last day.

Mangodlong Paradise Resort rented out bicycles for P100 (I think) for a day. I just remember the cost being negligible. We rode away to the countryside, and decided to find another nearby beach. It was quite tiring to pedal through the unpaved roads, but once we got on the highway, the ride became smoother. 

We took time to explore our surroundings on the bicycle. I felt so alive when I went around on two wheels. Camotes had a very laid back atmosphere, very rural, very peaceful. We even stopped to have conversations with strangers! We even tried picking mangoes from a tree.

We didn't go too far, and ended up in the beach next to Mangodlong. There was an abandoned resort on the beach. The shoreline was rocky and the sand was rough. The water was also murky, but there was less trash compared to Santiago Bay. We were the only ones there, except for a a group of men drinking nearby at 9 in the morning!

We went back after 3 hours of exploring, even if we only covered less than 8 kilometers. We were smitten by the effortless charm of Camotes. I was convinced that this was the perfect place to escape in Cebu, and even the safest place as well (crime rate is almost zero). Camotes was worth the wait, but the short lived experience left me craving for more. Take me back to Camotes!


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