Around Camotes: Timubo Cave and Lake Danao

Just like most islands in the Visayas, Camotes has primed up its popular tourists spots. The island has its share of destinations, making a day trip around the countryside worth your while. We hired at multicab to take us around for P2,000 a day. We were also picked up from the wharf with this  fee. We also had a bubbly and informative tour guide, who took us to the right spots. Our first stop was the Timubo Cave.

We were surprised that the cave was in the middle of nowhere. We were expecting it to be somewhere near the coastline, but after passing through green fields, we stumbled upon a staircase that led downwards to the cave.

There was a P15 entrance fee to the cave. We didn't know what to expect when we went down. It was dark, but after a few steps, there were light bulbs hanging throughout the staircase. The jagged walls were damp, so there must be a water source from above.

We went further down, and waded through ponds that were only feet deep. It was getting cooler and you start to get that eerie feeling when you're inside a cave.

At the end of the pathway was a pool of crystal clear water. It was the destination, and what a cool one it was. The pool was neck deep, with some areas being shallower. It wasn't as huge, but it was definitely bigger than the one in Bantayan's Ogtong cave.

We took a refreshing swim and stayed in for around an hour. There was another chamber beyond the pool, with a higher ceiling. There was also water in the chamber but the surface was more uneven. A single light bulb illuminated that chamber. 

After the visit to Timubo Cave, we made our way to the star attraction of the Camotes countryside - Lanao Danao. At first, I thought the lake would be boring. But the clean and airy environment lured me to discover the lake's offerings. 

It as a good thing that there were small paddle boats for rent (P100 per hour). It was quite difficult though  to paddle your way around the lake. I wished kayaks were available.

Lake Danao is probably one of the biggest lakes of Cebu. There were islands on the lake, all uninhabited. The boatman told us that there were only coconut trees in these islands. We passed by some fishermen, and observed the mangroves that surrounded the lake.

After another hour of exploring the lake, we headed back to land. The park had picnic tables and walkways that were perfect for a breezy afternoon stroll.

We left Lake Danao at around 3PM and told our driver to take us to the beach. Of course, that beach would be the most popular beach in Camotes located in the town of San Francisco. The beach post up next!


  1. Nakakatakot nman sa loob ng cave... But, you seemed to enjoy the lake Danao...

  2. The cave looks scary, but you will get used to it when you jump in the pool! I actually took a nap on the floating cabana in Lake Danao.

  3. i want to go there so bad!!!!!! Lizzy

  4. I am mesmerized by the crystal water just imagining it. I so badly want to go there. Can you provide me any contact # of that person who guided you throughout the day tour? You can send the information to my email. Thank you in advance! Email:


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