Cubic: COD Macau

I must admit, I am back to my younger days, when clubbing was a addiction. But it's probably not because of the drinking and wild nights that I crave for, it's the music. And for the past years, I have been hooked so much on house and electronic music. In fact, I even wanted to become a DJ because of this.

Nowadays, whenever I travel, I make way to find the city's hottest club. If you've been to Republiq in Resort World Manila, you haven't seen what a club really is. I actually like Embassy before, because it had that club nature. Republiq is just one massive party for people who want to loose themselves in a reckless state of drunkeness. Doesn't feel exclusive at all.

The last club I have been to was in Macau's City of Dreams, and was the largest club in the city of lights. This was Cubic, located at the 2nd floor of the City of Dreams.

The club was actually smaller than I expected it to be. It had two main rooms, one playing R&B music and the other, house. I was psyched up since Laidback Luke was playing. He is Filipino-Dutch, and has landed in the top 20 list of DJ Mag.

We arrived at 12 midnight, and still few people were partying. I remember going to Zouk at 11PM, and most of the Singaporeans were already drunk. This place was still calm, and had more of a local crowd. When we visited Vicks in Beijing, the crowd was mostly foreigners. Cubic had mostly patrons from Hong Kong I assume.

Anyway, I was bedazzled with the design of the club, since there were a lot of shining shimmering splendid, from dozens of disco balls hug on the ceiling, to countless mirror walls and silver spoon like lamps. The crowd got wilder as more people filled up the dance floor.

Cubic didn't impress me that much, though the quality of music was excellent. And that made up for the otherwise bland experience. With Laidback Luke on deck, everything gets hysterical soon after.


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