Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa

The Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa is one of the most desirable resorts in La Union. I mean, it is the choice resort of celebrity surfers and the jet set crowd in popular San Juan beach. Hence, when I was on a roll in La Union, I just needed to find out for myself if the saying is true - that Kahuna is the best accommodation in La Union (even better than Thunderbird according to some colleagues).

We arrived after a brief heavy rain, so we were drenched. But suddenly, the sun shone brightly like nothing happened. I have seen the images online, and I admittedly giddy about this visit. Boasting of the best location in San Juan, just in front of a wide stretch of sand where events are mostly held, Kahuna is the most happening resort in this side of the coast.

As soon as I entered, I was immediately drawn by the breeze that swept my face while checking in. The staff were very friendly, and I was treated like I was at home. We got two garden rooms for P4,500 each with breakfast and even an hour long massage. Now that was a great deal.

I felt happy when I took a seat at their restaurant, which had sweeping views of the beach. The atmosphere was overly chill, that I didn't want to do anything at that moment. I just wanted a bottle of beer on my hand.

My friends pulled me out of this alluring spell so we could settle in our rooms. Kahuna wasn't as luxurious as I expected it to be, but it is the type of resort that I crave for.

The pool may look better in pictures, but the lounges were enough to make me doze off again. The sun was hot and high, but the breeze was cool. Imagine that with the explosive splash of waves.

So, the rooms were quite small and basic, but more luxurious than Sunset Bay of course. I loved the glass windows that brought natural light into the room.

The bath even had an outdoor feel, with a forced view of a small bamboo fence and garden. At least, they tried hard to blend in with nature. At least, it wasn't your typical bathroom as well.

After settling into our rooms, we toured the resort. It had a huge yet uninspired function room. So I guess, companies can have their seminars and workshops here. There are more than 40 rooms in the property, which was surprising. I didn't think it would be that big. And there's even a 5-bedroom private villa that you can rent out for P20,000. The villa has its own swimming pool and fantastic living spaces. Check out their pictures in their website.

Kahuna Beach Resort is just along the main road, so buses can stop exactly in front of the resort. So you can hop on a bus in Manila, sleep and wake up in front of their resort already. I wished the food was better though (Sunset Bay wins here), and that the drinks were priced less. But over-all, Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa was a delight, addictive to an extent. I just can't wait to go back and probably learn how to surf.


National Highway, Brgy. Urbiztondo
San Juan, La Union
+63.72 607.1040

Ambience: 3
Rooms: 3
Service: 3.5
Facilities: 3
Dining: 3
Over-all Experience: 3
IE Score: 3.08 (Good)


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