Punta Bulata Resort and Spa

Among all the islands of the Visayas, my most least explored is the island of Negros. Usually, when I'm in Negros, I just devour in Bacolod or passby in Dumaguete. I have been to most cities and towns, but mostly for work, so I haven't gotten enough time to really discover new places. So, after another business trip to Bacolod, I took three days to explore, and my choice was the town of Sipalay and its surroundings.

I got a car in Bacolod so I could get the freedom to go wherever I wanted to. I mapped my way to a resort called Punta Bulata, which was supposedly one of Negros' best. It took me 3 hours from Bacolod  to reach the resort, since I got lost for around an hour. But finally, after dinner, I arrived at the resort, safe and tired. Good thing this was the resort that greeted me.

I saw the pictures of Punta Bulata, but these did not give any justice to what I experienced. The family owned resort has around 18 rooms in total, which made it very private. It didn't feel like a Philippine resort, and I am instantly reminded of Alona Tropical in Bohol.

I was given one of the best rooms in the resort, facing the pool and the beach. The room had a rustic Filipino design which I didn't expect. It was refreshing and cozy. My bed had a view of the pool and sea as one side of the room opened into a private veranda.

The bath was also interesting, as it had an outdoor feel. It was a garden bathroom, and I just couldn't stop thinking how this could fit into any resort in Bali and Lombok. In fact, I didn't feel I was in the Philippines, because you don't get these kinds of designs in resorts here, especially when the resort has been around for years already.

The spacious veranda is just beside the pool so I could just walk straight into it.

The infinity pool was not modern looking, but it felt very chic still, with inviting sun lounges with comfortable cushions in aqua and violet. 

I explored the resort further beyond the irresistible seclusion of my room. I then discovered that the resort has been divided into 3 parts. The place where I was staying is the Ayu Spa. I went down the steps beside the pool and saw three villa looking rooms.

Beside them was the only restaurant of the resort. The open air dining space was a bit small, considering that people actually visit the resort just to have lunch or dinner. So if the resort was full, they can run out of space.

I met the resort manager Rene while I was having breakfast, and he offered to tour me around. He said that what I was seeing was only 1/3 of the entire property.

The bus above used to be their dive shop (interesting concept). It was abandoned as the dive shop closed. I was told though that they plan to convert the bus into a unique type of accommodation, suitable for barkadas (much more interesting concept).

I passed through another sprawling garden with a house in the middle which could be rented out. However, the house needs much repair and renovation, so for now, they are just renting it out to day trippers.

I was so ecstatic about the entire resort, that I almost forgot about the beach. I don't get why people say Boracay is the best beach when you get real paradise in these kinds of places. Again, I remember Isla Reta in Samal, one of my favourite beaches in the Philippines.

The glistening white sand was not powder soft, but it was close. The water was perfectly cool, and tress lined the shorelines, providing a natural shade. Who needs parasols or sun lounges here? You can just lay a sarong or a beach mat on the sand and doze off the entire afternoon with no one to bother you.

This is just the beginning of my Sipalay journey which turned out to be one of the most surprising trips this year. Punta Bulata was an excellent choice in the area, although it is also the most expensive (and this is just P3,500 per night). But with amenities to match 5-stars, a spa, excellent service and a beach all to yourself, it's worth a thousand more.


Punta Bulata Resort and Spa
Cauayan, Negros Oriental

Bacolod Booking Office
(9am-5pm Mon-Fri, 9am-12nn Sat)Tel. +63 34 4335160
(7am- 11pm Mon-Sun)
Tel. +63 34 4730235
Mobile +63 920 9003558

Punta Bulata Front Office
(7am- 11pm Mon-Sun)
Tel. +63 34 4730235
Mobile +63 920 9003558

Ambience: 4
Rooms: 3
Service: 3.5
Facilities: 3
Dining: 3.5
Over-all Experience: 4
IE Score: 3.5 (Good)


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