W Taipei

Located at the heart of the cosmopolitan district of Xinyi, the W Taipei is one of the trendiest hotels in the city. Aside from its central location, the W has also become a popular hot spot for the social set of Taipei, making it the most hip and happening hotel in Taiwan. 

Well, every W aims to be that way and Taipei's is definitely on top of the list here. As soon as you enter their impressive lobby, you will be greeted by some of the best service staff in Taiwan. 

I was to stay in the W for a night, after living out for 2 in the Chocolate Box backpackers. Yes, from a guesthouse to a five star. This is how I usually end my trips, to make me relaxed before heading home. 

Check in was a breeze as usual and being a preferred guest already, I was given a better room (not an upgrade, but a room with a better view and bigger space, but at the same category). 

The room is quite huge and the bath and closet takes almost half the entire space. There was a separate tub and shower of course, but what got me smiling was the toilet.

It may look like an ordinary toilet, but this water closet is automatic. When I walked in the toilet door, the lid of the water closet automatically went up. I shocked me for a while, since I wasn't expecting it. Nevertheless, I had great times in the toilet afterwards. 

I also loved this chill lounger by the window. I simply kicked back and watched the passing cars below. There was also the mixologist laboratory, where you can find several liquor bottle samples that you can mix to create your won cocktails.

And I also had an amazing view of the streets of Xinyi, and even had a glimpse of the 101. Again, it was so tempting to just sit by the chill lounger the entire night with a glass of scotch on hand.

The W Taipei is really one of my top choices of five star accommodations, along with Shangri-La, Alila and Renaissance. W gets the edge because of its trendy modern design and chic fabulous atmosphere. W Taipei will wow with nothing less than these.

Ambience: 4
Rooms: 5
Service: 4
Facilities: 4
Dining: 3.5
Over-all Experience: 4
IE Score: 4.08 (Excellent)


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