Sunset Bay Beach Resort

San Fernando La Union is not known for its beaches. So it was surprising that there was one beach resort tucked away beside its airport that was as popular probably as Thunderbird. Welcome to Sunset Bay Beach Resort.

Now, don't get turned off by the Micromatic parasols. I must say, the first time I entered this resort, I was taken aback. It was your typical resort, but something in the air made made me excited.

The rooms near the entrance (first picture above) were their basic accommodations. They were clean and modest, but if you want something better, better get the deluxe rooms in the garden area. If you want a view of the sea, they have 4 rooms on the 2nd floor of their function space.

The resort has nipa style cabanas that are good for 10 people. They give the resort a very Filipino feel. The resort's design may look like your typical Filipino concrete resort, but these rustic elements give it a more relaxing atmosphere.

They have a beautiful pool, but for some reason, nobody was swimming. I just think it wasn't as inviting. It looked more like a decorative piece. I also wished they had more sun lounges, for one to lay down the entire afternoon.

 The resort is also known for its restaurant. In fact, they get visitors just for lunch or dinner. In a city where dining options are limited, Sunset Bay's menu offers both European and Filipino dishes.

The restaurant faces the beach and the sea, so having a meal here can be one of the best dining experiences in San Fernando, especially during sunset. 

Sunset Bay boasts of awesome sundown views. The sea turns into a calm blanket of gold. Imagine having a cocktail on hand, while watching this spectacle. And because of the rustic charm of the resort, it just becomes so easy to just kick back and relax.

Sunset Bay may not have a white sand beach, but it's landscape is still alluring. The waves crash slowly on the shoreline that spans for just only half a kilometer. It's no Boracay, but the feeling is just the same.

I recommend Sunset Bay for its rustic charm and great food, though I think it can get rowdy with crowds during the weekends, because it is still a popular resort in the area. So if you find yourself here on a low season, or on a weekday, try passing by at Sunset Bay at sunset for dinner. You may be tempted to stay for the night.

Canaoay, La Union 
Tel: +63 72 607 5907

Deluxe Rooms (for 2 pax): P2,000
Family Room (for 4 pax): P2,200
Upper Deck Rooms (for 2 pax): P3,200

Tip: Book the family suite for only P4,000 a night (good for 5-6 people). It may be beside the parking area, but it gives the best value accommodation, complete with a living area.


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