Monday, March 31, 2008

Cast Away in Quinamanukan Island

After having a splash in Bagasbas, we decided to move on to San Jose in Talisay, a town adjacent to Daet (take a trike to San Jose from Daet). San Jose was more laid back than Bagasbas, and more surfers were riding here when we arrived. We met some cousins who were surfing.

We were hoping to hire a boat to an island called Quinamanukan, which supposedly was owned by another relative. It was already 3PM, and thus we knew we had little time to negotiate. From San Jose, we traversed through rough waters on a medium sized fishing boat to Quinamanukan, which was seen from the San Jose shore.

Quinamanukan Island was a delight. It was literally deserted. Some watchdogs made up its population. The sand was also nice, with a bit of an orange color. It was a small island, and I managed to go around walking for about an hour.

The island was all beach around, with a part where some jagged crags resisted strong waves. I went to the side facing the Pacific Ocean where the waves were high and in full force. I really felt like I was stranded. No one was around.

We made it into sunset which painted a beautiful scene behind the mountains of CN. We had a few beers while laying on the soft sand. Nothing could be perfect for a first day in CN. The main event was to happen tomorrow, where we would be docking onto the shores of the Calaguas. But for now, were savoring every moment of being washed away in Quinamanukan.

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