Viaje Del Sol Series: Kusina Salud

Finally, our last stop. Kusina Salud. I don't want to make this entry long, since I have reviewed this restaurant already. This is my second time to eat dinner here. I prefer dinners in Salud because there is less people compared to during lunch. The menu in Salud changes, so I was disappointed that they already took out the Beef Ribs and Pinaputukang Tilapia. I wanted to order new dishes, so that's what we did.

I still wanted my Ensaladang Pako. I was just shocked to see the serving almost half the size as I had it before. We all got the Pandan Iced Tea which I always enjoy. The picture below is the Sinigang na Baboy. Honestly, it tasted like any ordinary sinigang na baboy. They called the dish differently, but it was just sinigang na baboy. Nothing special at all.

This was the Crispy Tilapia with Mango Salsa. It was okay, but again, nothing special. The fish wasn't too crispy also.

The last main dish was the Binagoongang Baboy. It was tender and very flavorful, probably the best dish for the night. But still, it wasn't that special.

We had the Turon for dessert which was the salvation dish. I devoured my share instantly. Maybe because I was really craving for ice cream.

It was surprising that I didn't like this particular dining experience in Salud. After 3 visits, I think I will take a break from it. This means finding new restaurants in the area. However, Kusina Salud was still a great way to end the first part of our Viaje del Sol tour.

Reservations are a must.

Next time, we will be going back to Ugu Bigyan for lunch, then to Banahaw to see the sights, and then have dinner at Kubli Springs c/o Jay. Hopefully, we can have a night at Sitio de Amor and just relax the night away there. In the morning, we can take the Seven Lakes Tour in San Pablo, before heading off to lunch in Charlie's in Lipa. So, for those interested to join, just let us know! Life's a journey, and the Viaje del Sol is a journey that breathes life indeed.


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