Joey Pepperoni

I finally had lunch in Joey Pepperoni along Pioneer in Mandaluyong. The casual American-Italian restaurant is located below the RFM Bldg. I was surprised to see that their menu had more than just pizza, and that it looked more like Yellow Cab mashed up with A Venetto.

I ordered their Asparagus soup which was too watery, but at least had flavor. It tasted like instant soup. Their pizza was surprisingly good. I am a fan of their thin crust which was really deserving of a rave. It was neatly thin, burnt just right and brought out the flavors of the toppings with ease. The pizza below was the Scampi Pizza.

My friend Mai also ordered Penne pasta that had a tomato-based cream sauce. It was good, but nothing spectacular. For P160 bucks, it could feed two, so it was a good bargain.

Another friend Parx ordered the Chicken Parmigiana, which was supposedly my choice. But since I don't like ordering the same dish as someone else, nor allow anyone to order the same dish as someone else as well, I changed my mind and just got the pizza I described above. The breaded chicken was just okay but the sauce was lacking in both quantity and rich tomato flavor.

I really don't write about restaurants that are I think average, but this one proved to be slightly above primarily because of the value it gives. It does make an effort to serve authentic tasting Italian dishes, and does so at affordable prices. This makes Joey Pepperoni perfect for a barkada get together on a weekday.


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