Stoked Daet

I always stay in Manila during Holy Week, but this year, my siblings and I decided to go to our home province, Camarines Norte. The last time I went here was way back in 1997 when my grandma died. After 10 years, I finally made my way back.

The trip to Camarines Norte took about 8 to 9 hours and this was a Holy Week. It was so traffic in SLEX and in some parts of Laguna and Quezon. As soon as we passed Lucena, it was a smooth ride. The roads to CN are surprisingly well kept and even better than those in more progressive Quezon. My deceased grandpa was the one who designed the long and seemingly never ending zigzag going into the heart of CN. It took me 2 hours at an average of 60 kmph to travel the tiring distance.

And so we arrived in Daet, the capital of CN just in time for dinner. We were supposed to stay in a relative's beach house in Talisay, but since we planned our trip a day before, someone was already occupying it. We looked for a place to stay in Bagasbas, so we would be right next to the beach, but all accommodations were taken. So we opted to stay in Hotel Mega Star just outside Daet, for a decent basic room at 700 pesos a night.

We had breakfast the next morning in Bagasbas, hoping to check out the popular surfing scene. Unfortunately, the waves were not as fit for great surfing, though we saw some boards riding the waves. Bagasbas had a long stretch of fine black sand that made it also perfect for skim boarding. What makes Bagasbas interesting is its shallowness; you could go far out to the knee deep water to hit the waves. It was so much fun just letting the waves wash you ashore. The water was clean, even though the black sand made the water seem unclear. I was supposed to try surfing later in the day but decided to head out to an island nearby. More of that island in my next post. We just rented a body board for the meantime to ride the waves.

There was life in Bagasbas. I remember back in my childhood when Bagasbas had only this quaint pizza parlor, Alvino's. Now the beach is lined with several eateries where one can drink and chow down after a day of surfing. At night, Bagasbas is full of people drinking and having a good time. It's the surfer's life after all.

Bagasbas is a fun place, where you can have fun with the waves or just chill out on the fine sand. It is a haven for both new and experienced surfers and for beach bums of all ages.


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