The C Italian Dining Experience

I really wanted to get out and drive, and experience the much talked about C Italian Restaurant in Clark. I have been planning to go to C Italian since last year. I have been to Clark several times as well, but I just couldn't find the time to have a nice dinner at the famed Italian restaurant. So after going to Subic, we headed straight to Clark in time for dinner at C Italian, one of the best Italian restaurants I have ever visited.

Okay, how to get there. Make your way to Clark. C Italian is located along the Perimeter Road, where all the girlie bars are. Pass the Iglesia and you'll see the castle like restaurant. Make sure you call for a reservation as it is almost always full. Pardon the lack of prices in this post. I was enjoying my meal too much, I forgot to write them down.

The place was endearing. It's main dining area is a garden, with a black tent covering it. The place was full when we arrived, and the crowd were mostly foreigners. The staff was pleasant and very accommodating. They handed me the menu and I was so excited to order. The selection is wide and the prices were high. But I didn't mind the prices since I was really into having a great treat. Bread arrived fresh, and the olive oil and balsamic dip was even distinctly good.

We ordered a four cheese PANIZZA to start, which is thin crust pizza that you roll with basil and alfalfa sprouts. It was AMAZING, a new pizza experience. I was playful with the way I ate it, and enjoyed putting a lot fo the alfalfa sprouts that spelled the difference.

Now for the mains. Just to let you know, I can still remember the amazing taste of all the dishes up to now. Let's start with my dish, the Braised Lamb Shank. Being a fan of lamb, I was set to order my meat of the season. I was happy with the tenderness and the taste of the lamb stood out distinctly. I hate it when the actual flavor of lamb gets lost in all the flavorings, seasonings and sauces. This brought out the lamb flavor without complaint.

We also ordered the Roasted Chicken. We thought it was a wise choice, since it was a whole piece that could be shared by all four of us. The chicken was soft and the skin was flavorful. The juice was in tact and dripping. It wasn't really spectacular but it was great for a roasted chicken.

The Seafood and Mushroom Risotto was really good. The risotto was not too salty, but very tasty, sometihng unique I think. It had salmon chunks on top and the Parmesan cheese blended smoothly. I was so happy with the risotto that I had to sneak my fork a number of times to get a bite.

The pasta dish was the Spaghetti con Fruit de Mare. No doubt, it was one of the best I had. I was craving for cream based pasta, but when the tomato sauce on the pasta was superb. The pasta dish had different textures in flavor that made me relish each bite. It had fresh mussels, mahimahi, salmon and prawns all generously served in on top of perfect aldente spaghetti. As I've said, I'm left almost speechless.

Dessert was a cheesecake, which wasn't spectacular, but it was interesting since it had an almond crust and a nice lemon flavor that cleansed our palettes well after the meal.

Here's the verdict: YOU MUST TRY THIS RESTAURANT. Clark is just an hour and a half away from Manila. The last time I had a good Italian experience was in Lemoncillo in Bangkok (Soi Silom 11 near Bed Supper Club).

To end, I consider C Italian sharing the best Italian resto title in the country with L'Opera. With a great ambiance, great food with great servings as well, C Italian is indeed a MUST for all you Italian lovers.

+63 45 8924059
Reservations are a must.


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