Paul Calvin's Deli

I have been passing by Paul Calvin's Deli ever since it opened I think four months ago. While I was in Makati, I thought of grabbing some friends for a dinner in this new restaurant. You would say it is hidden, since it's hard to notice it, considering it's in the Fort. Paul Calvin's Deli is located on the road with Jollibee and McDonald's on its ends. It's near Furnitalia.

The interiors of PCD were bright, and the red chairs just gave more spunk. I knew from then that this was a nice place to have conversations with friends. The place was relatively small, though I wasn't able to check the space upstairs. The waitress told me that they could accommodate 40 people. We were served complimentary bread, which was soft, hot and topped with cheese. It was good especially when dipped in the classic olive oil and balsamic mix.

While waiting I looked in their freezers for stuff to buy at home. I saw a nice selection of cheeses and cold cuts. There were even more bread that they discount at 50% after 7PM. I was then attracted to the malunggay bread. It looked like banana bread but smelled like malunggay. The waitress was pleased to offer me a complimentary plate of the malunggay bread. And it did taste like banana bread with malunggay bits. It wasn't to die for though, unless it had the same texture of Baguio Country Club's banana bread (STILL THE BEST). Nevertheless, the glaring nutritional value of the malunggay bread makes it something worth trying.

Now for the meals. Jason ordered a chef's recommendation, the Braised Beef Short Ribs (P369), slow cooked beef braised in pineapple, star anise, rum and served with garlic potato gratin. It actually tasted like good Korean beef stew. It had the right amount of sweetness. The potato gratin goes excellently well with the beef, as the cheese balanced the sweet flavor. Good so far.

Next up, my dish, the Red Curry Crispy Chicken (P299). I was torn between this and the Rosemary Crusted Pink Salmon. Since I just had salmon, I opted for the chicken dish. There was no picture in the menu, so I imagined what my dish would be like. When it came out, it looked so different. They were chicken fingers topped with a red curry sauce that wasn't that spicy. it was served with a great steamed green rice, that had the hint of coconut milk and green curry. I knew it was curry rice, but the flavor wasn't overpowering. Thus, when I ate my real curry dish, the curry flavor stood out well. It was more sweet though than spicy. I should've told them to add more spice.

Angie ordered a sandwich, the Cordon Bleu (P199). It arrived as described. Cordon Bleau on ciabatta bread. It was weird at first, because it looked like cordon bleu straight out of the box and garnished with bread and some vegetables. When I had my bite, all those thoughts have gone away. The cordon bleu was perfect. The roll of ham, cheese and chicken was layered so well, that you get to savor each component with pleasure. It was heated just right and the bread just gave it a final layer. I loved it. I wanted more for myself. This intrigued me more on their other sandwiches, and the Cordon Bleu wasn't even a chef's recommendation.

Finally, we were full and unable to finish our dishes. With prices ranging from P200 to P350, PCD offered great value. Cy actually didn't eat anything, but got to taste all of our dishes and she was stuffed too. She ordered the New York Cheesecake, which wasn't worth any rave. I was worried of ordering the other desserts after tasting the cheesecake so I tried to look for a very unique dessert. I saw this almost empty baking tray with a creamy looking dessert that turned out to be a Jackfruit Tart (P120). I love the Jackfruit Cheesecake of M Cafe, and not being a fan of jackfruit or langka, that was something for me. So I braved in choosing the Jackfruit Tart. And it was great. Finally, I good choice of dessert. It had layers of cream and jackfruit on a crust of nuts and almonds. It wasn't "nakakaumay" at all, so that made us chop off a small slice every now and then for next 15 minutes. Apparently, the dessert was not in the menu so just ask if they have it.

We got to meet Chef Jon when we were waiting for our meals to arrive. He was very accommodating and pleasant. He told us that his meals were comfort food, great tasting simple dishes without any frills. And they did come to us like that. Paul Calvin's Deli had such a light atmosphere, our dinner was fun and relaxing. We enjoyed great food courtesy of our gracious hosts with the company of good friends.

Paul Calvin's Deli
UNit F 111 Forbes Town Center, Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
They deliver to nearby offices. I think this is ingenious. I hope they can deliver in Ortigas.
Call 856-5900!

When walking back to our car, we passed by this Mini Stop which had a lounge and dining area upstairs. I think this was innovative. Just want to share!


  1. I have eaten in Paul Calvin's several times now and I love it! Whenever the chef and his brothers are there, they make sure to interact with their customers. What a great PR!

    I was lucky enough to taste their Jackfruit Tart and it was amazing! I hope that they put this on their menu!

  2. hi guys, please do visit us(Paul Calvin's Deli) once again this coming September and try our new and HEALTHIER Menu and expanded 2nd floor.

    we do appreciate all comments and suggestions and we are working twice as hard to serve you guys better....thank you all and GOD BLESS.


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