Babusanta Beach: Talicud Island, Samal

I've realized that I still haven't posted some destinations in this blog. One is Boracay. I was surprised I haven't written about Boracay! Well, I hope I can visit one of my favorite islands soon. But for now, let me take you to another favorite of mine: the island of Talicud beside Samal.

Talicud Island is near the Southern tip of Samal, hence the name, Talicud. The island can be reached via ferries that dock at Sta. Ana pier in Davao City. The ride takes an hour, and the boat leaves every hour and a half. Make sure you check the schedules though. The first time we went to Talicud, we took the 12:30PM ferry.

So I have been to Talicud Island three times now, and one of its famous destinations is Babusanta Beach, which you can see int he pictures below.

Babusanta Beach is usually a stopover for lunch for tour groups, especially divers. The white sand coral beach has crystal clear waters, especially at high noon. I call this beach one of the most photogenic beaches, since it always looks better in photos. The beach also has the ruins of a jetty that has been destroyed by a storm. Now, it serves as a perfect photo opp.

Babusanta is on a tip of the island, so the beach bends left and right. To the left side, you'll see more white sand, finer I think than the one on the main beachfront of Babusanta (where the picnic tables are). Going further beyond will take you to the home of locals, and a rocky terrain. To the right side, one will see palm trees lining the shore, and shallower waters, though the beach becomes more rocky.

We came at 2PM, and it was low tide. We saw some locals gathering algae and other marine life for food. Coral beds were exposed to the sun, as the waters subsided to as far as 100 meters.

From here, explorers can move on to the Coral Garden at the back of Talicud Island, where the clearest of waters will reveal a bounty of marine life.

The water is so clear, you don't need to snorkel to see the fishes and corals. Snorkeling at Talicud Island is a delight. In fact, there are other coral gardens around the island, one closer to Babusanta, on the way to the pier. Here, there is a coral wall that drops to great depths.

If you're exploring Talicud, start in Babusanta, and have lunch there. After lunch and some rest, move on to the Coral Gardens where you can snorkel for an hour. Then, finally, move on to the best beach in Talicud, Isla Reta Beach which I will be glorifying in my next entry.


  1. I've been to Babusanta before, mga two years ago. We had a tour, and had lunch there. It was fun, and you could snorkel just off the shore.

  2. You may pass up on other things, but it is important to find a nice place for you and your family to come back to after a day of sightseeing and relaxing.


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