Tambobong: The Search is Over

Don't you just love it when you set foot on beaches like these?

Oh, it's also located here in mainland Luzon, a total of 5 hours drive from Manila. Welcome to a wonderful discovery, one of the best, if not the best, mainland (non-island) beaches in Luzon. It goes by a lot of names: Osmena, Matabang Beach, and Tambobong. Whatever they call it, it's paradise to me.

Okay, let me stop these senseless expressions of love. Let's call it by its original name, Tambobong Beach. Located in Western Pangasinan, in the remote barrio of Osmena in Dasol, Tambobong Beach was actually part of the barrio of Tambobong, which was split up recently. Now, from what I heard, two barrios govern the area.

What surprises me more is that this is a fishing village, meaning, a lot of locals live on this beach. There were a lot of houses along the road, but the beach was spotless. This is something you don't see in any other beach in the country.

One would think, there must be a governing tourism office that keeps the place in tact, but the truth is, there's none. When I asked our boatman why the beach was clean, he didn't know what to answer. It's just the way it is. I wanted to praise the entire barrio for doing so.

Coming here, we were warned by the people from Dasol that people in Tambobong are rowdy. They warned us of drunkards and kids throwing rocks at cars. Well, we didn't experience any of those, and the people here seem very friendly.

Tambobong Beach extends to around 1 kilometer of powder white sand. It may not be as fine as Boracay's, but it is definitely above average, and perhaps the best I have seen so far in Pangasinan, better than the ones in Hundred Islands.

I am ecstatic about Tambobong, if it was truly the Tambobong we were told about. Whatever the name of this beach is, it is by far the best beach in Pangasinan. The locals told me that this part of Pangasinan had the best beaches, but of course, theirs is the best. And I must agree. The vibe, the atmosphere, the beauty of the place, all have surpassed my expectations. I could spend an entire weekend here. I've been told of secluded caves, shipwrecks, other beaches and backyard rivers all in the area. And if you read my previous entry about getting here, you can imagine what else lies beyond.

Oh, and just on the horizon, I could see a lonely island, calling to me. Too bad we only had 4 hours total to explore; just enough time to heed to the calling of that island.


  1. how do you go here?

  2. am a native of dasol and i agree with the so called pioneers to our hidden paradise. you'll experience an extraordinary life at sea with our "tambobong sea, shells and sands". to go here take a bus from cubao five star and stop at Dasol public market. to make sure you will be well guided ask for directions from Acqua D and look for JABC. Better still bring your car as the beach is 18 kms from the town proper. Dasolis 32 kms from alaminos.

  3. I am also from Dasol and I think the rough road leading to Tambobong adds to the secluded privacy nature of the place. When I was little my father would bring us to Tambobong by boat,which I think is better than by car or tricycle. Truly, the place is beautiful not to mention the very hospitable people in Tambobong.

  4. Yes, Tambobong is indeed beautiful. I hope when I come back, it still remains the same. I'll try to go by boat next time!

  5. hello, RJ! I had the same reaction when I saw Tambobong at the end of a long drive. I've been around pinas, too and love beaches but this beach would always be special.

    but there's another mainland beach that is quite spectacular - dinadiawan, aurora. it's simply something else...

  6. Hi Ann! I know about that, but I just couldn't find time to go. Hanggang Baler lang ako. What other beaches are great for you?

  7. There's this place about 2-3 hours from Cebu that's very picturesque. It's not so much about the beaches but the community. It's called Boljoon. The beaches are white sand too and the ambiance is sort of like Tambobong but not as good.

    But oh, it's not the beaches that would get to you! But the little community that is perched by the hillside and bounded by the ocean.

  8. hi rj, just wanna ask of the contact numer of the owner of tambobong beach resort?do u recommnd this beach over tondol and patar???thanks

  9. hello! it's 2013 and i hope to get an answer:)
    i wanna go there for our honeymoon because my soon-to-be husband wants something relaxing. he hates the city and too much people and as im searching i stumbled on Tambobong Beach... i've read that the road is rough and i would like to know it you think it would be safe for me since i'll be 15weeks pregnant by the time of our honey date...

    IM EXPECTING AN ANSWER. please reply.



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