Patar Beach: Pangasinan Series

We passed through Treasures of Bolinao to get to Patar Beach, but since I don't recommend that anymore, turn left at the junction at the end of the road from Cape Bolinao. Patar Beach is accessible from there.

What I like about Patar Beach is its landscape. Gorgeous rock formations jut out of the sea. Rock beds form holes that seem to drain the sea. And the sun bids farewell in style, revealing a solemn hue.

Patar Beach has soft coral sand, meaning the grains are not that fine. It's hard walking on dry sand, as your feet get submerged. There are a lot of cottages along Patar Beach, some of them who could rent overnight I think.

It is also a pretty long beach, perfect for a sunset stroll. The water was full of sea grass, but was refreshing and clearer than in Tondol. Since it was getting dark, there was less people (the way I like it). I couldn't swim since I wasn't in swimming attire, but my shorts got wet from the splashing of waves.

We spent almost an hour just taking pictures and walking on the shore. The sunset was nice, but nothing compared to Boracay, Coron and Davao. Patar Beach looks very laid back to me, a long stretch of soft sand that feels nice to the feet. So far, Patar beats Tondol.

Day One was done. This was probably one of the longest days of my life. Anyway, we would be traveling to Dasol the next day to search for the next beach, Tambobong.


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