Next Up: What is the Best Beach in Pangasinan?

3 days in Pangasinan led me to exploring 4 beach destinations in the huge province four hours away from Manila.
Patar. Tondol. Osmena. The island of Colibra. Believe me, this is one adventure you wouldn't want to miss!


  1. Hello, chairomai if you were okay. Hi Michalis

  2. rj, hope to meet you when you come over on your next visit to Dasol.... your frustrations with Bolinao am sure would be patched up by your next adventure here. il be your tour guide balong! dami nang sea fuds mabibili ng binayad nyo sa Bolinao....luto na lang tayo sa farm!

  3. oo nga, meron ba magandang resort sa pangasinan?

    Boracay Resorts


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