The Road to Tambobong

We left Bolinao at 11 AM to find our next beach: Tambobong. We just knew it was in the town of Dasol, which was a little more than an hour away. We reached Dasol at 12 NOON, and asked for directions in a gas station. There was a carinderia in the station that seemed to have good food, so we ate there first. The food was home cooked perfect, something that I have been missing. We got our directions to Tambobong, which was still an hour away because of the rough road. We were given other beach options, but all of the locals told us that Tambobong was the best. So, we took the risk and went into the plain fields of Dasol. We didn't know we were in for a pleasant surprise.

The plain fields turned out to be gorgeous meadows, sprawling green fields extending to the horizon. Cows grazed the fields, while rocks stood out of this Batanes-like landscape. We sensed we were going up a hill, and as we reached the peak, we were treated to great views of the sea.

The road was mostly unpaved all throughout. We were worried we were getting lost at some point, because there were intersections that had no signboards. We had to stop and look for signs of life to ask for directions. Finally, we reached the town of Osmena, where a paved road surfaced. It was a fishing village, still with few locals. I wondered if they were all in siesta.

We finally hit a beach. We hurried down the car and asked if this was Tambobong. There were 3 locals there, one selling halo-halo and the other two fishermen. They told us Tambobong was 4 km away. The beach we were in was a small one, sitting on a cove. The water was so inviting, as it was sparkling in different hues of blue. The sand was also white and fine. I was already happy with this beach, and told the others we could stay for a while here.

But the rest wanted to find Tambobong. So, we boarded the car again and hoped for a better beach. We were told that there were many people in Tambobong, so we decided to go back here IF Tambobong disappointed us.

After less than 10 minutes, we saw a long stretch of white sand beach. We had to park the car before entering the beach, since the road seemed impassable already. Some locals were headed our way as well, so we were worried that there were a lot of bakasyonistas.

As we raced down to the beach, it didn't take a minute for us to realize we found what we were looking for. We weren't sure it was Tambobong, but we were pretty sure, it was one damn good beach.


  1. colibra island or snake island got its name from the sea snakes that use the island as their sactuary. they come out at night from the rocky side of the island. so if one wants to see them have an overnight stay at Camaso Is aka Colibra Is. Fewer could be seen by now due to dynanite fisghing in the area....Please dont harm them as they are highly venomenous. jc-acqua d!, dasol, pangasinan

  2. the best time to come over and visit the many beautiful beaches of our town Dasol particularly the Tambobong-Osmena Beaches and Coves is from January to late June as the sea is calm after the southwesterly winds over. One would be able to go to "Camaso Island" aka "colibra Island" via rented boats on calm Dasol Bay during this months at Tambobong.Enjoys its computer perfect wallpaper view! Aside from whats mentioned on the blog there are lots of areas worth discovering thus one should have at least 2 days to be at awe with nature's best.... the best beach and sea life in Luzon. Feel free to drop by Acqua D! at the Public Market for infos and directions. "Please leave only footprints and take only pictures!" and no vandalism please to maintaion its prestine nature...WELCOME TO DASOL PANGASINAN! JC ACQUA D!

  3. Hi JC, what's Acqua D? I'm planning a trip back soon, as soon as the weather clears. A lot of people have been bugging me to fix one, ever since I posted this.

  4. gud pm rj. thanks for posting our town and our beaches in the web. its our town's pleasure to see you back, and maybe stay lil longer. acqua d! is a lil business venture, water purification business after years of corporate life in mla. maybe you can stay at the farm 10 mins drive to Tambobong area or take a boat ride from there. the Dasol route, rugged as it is is more picturesque than the Burgos can i kip in touch?

  5. rj, please email me....


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