Yellow Cab's Dear Darla Pizza

When I saw the ads of Yellow Cab in Galleria showing a new pizza offering that was rolled with alfalfa sprouts and arugula, I couldn't resist but try it.

I found myself lining up to order the Dear Darla Pizza. Now, if you watched the kiddie movie, Little Rascals, you would understand why the pizza was called this way. Darla was a little girl being courted by a little boy named Alfalfa who wrote letters to Darla. And thus the poster.

Now for the verdict. The alfalfa sprouts and arugula came in a separate box, and the pizza that arrived was thin crust as expected. I forgot the toppings, since I hurried to roll a slice.

The pizza was a bit difficult to roll though, so you have to do it carefully. When I had my first bite, I knew I was in for a treat. The same Yellow Cab goodness now made more pleasurable with alfalfa sprouts and arugula. I was nodding my head in satisfaction.

In fact, I finished an entire regular order. How I wished I got a bigger one! The melted cheese blended perfectly with the nutty taste of alfalfa which really excited the flavors. Yummy! I was also happy that Yellow Cab came out with a thin crust pizza with Dear Darla. Does this mean a line of thin crusts will soon come out?

Yellow Cab succeeds in delivering a new and alternative way to enjoying pizza. And I am happy that I can have this delivered straight to my home. My craving for pizza and alfalfa will now be satisfied with Yellow Cab's Dear Darla.


  1. Will surely try this one. Thanks.

  2. its the same appetizer in "c" dining in pampanga right? its like pizza and you roll it.

  3. yup same concept.

  4. this is really good. One box per person, that's an order! :P

  5. taste that never forget


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