Colibra Island: Pangasinan Series

Well, now that my search for the best beach (mainland) in Pangasinan is over, I deserve to explore an island right? So, after getting ecstatic at beautiful Tambobong, I just had to hop on a boat to dock on an island that was calling me from a distance. The name of the island is Colibra or Snake Island as it is more popularly known.

Snake Island got its name because of its huge resident population of sea snakes. Well, for some reason, those snakes are not there anymore (maybe because of climate change). The locals say they came out at night, but now, there hasn't been one in sight after sundown. Well, who's complaining?

The island reminds me of Quinamanukan in Camarines Norte. It is deserted, uninhabited and small enough to be trekked in less than an hour. Quinamanukan is just bigger and had more beaches. Colibra has only one sizable stretch of beach, and a great swimming beach for that matter.

On one side, the waves are strong, while on the other, the water is calmer. So, take your pick. Enjoy being swept away to the fine white sands, or float in peace on the other side.

If you go up the island, you'll see that it's really small, and the top of it has a flat piece of land with few coconut trees. I wonder if the sea snakes turned into land snakes.

I saw a path going down to the other side of the island. It was the rocky side, pounded by the force of waves coming from the South China Sea.

Anyway, I gave everyone only an hour to relax and enjoy, since we had to be back by 4PM to leave at 5. I was worried of going back on the rough road with the sun down, so paradise had to be cut short.

But, as usual, we extended our time, lying on the sand, rolling with the waves and just wishing we had a whole day here. After all, it felt like it was our island. Nobody else was around, and it was Summer!

We went back to Tambobong, and the strong waves made some of us panic. We were supposed to pass by a cave at the end of Caiman Point (this is what they call the entire area), but the tide was high, and the waves would make it difficult for us to dock. So, we headed back to calm Tambobong, and managed to swim a bit more there. I glanced upon Colibra at a fading distance, with the sun setting against it. The island called again, come back....come back.


  1. a friend from San Francisco said "the best place on earth!". indeed it its the best place to sip your coffee in the wee hours up to sunrise from the vantage point of the island facing Dasol Bay! or to snorkel and watch the wonderful scenery under the sea and if you are lucky one would see dolphins playful with in a distance. my friends from Teresa Rizal visits the island every summer and we spend the night on the island on fenced tents so as not to "sleep with the "tugasi" or sea snakes.... owning the island for a day makes you feel like a multi millionaire! "please take only pictures and leave only footprints"for our children's children to enjoy it too! welcome to our paradise and to dasol, pangasinan jc acqua d! dasol, pangasinan

  2. there is a constant movement of the sands in Camaso Island or better known in the web as Colibra Is. What is amazing at one point was the arrangement of sands from the finest to the bigger pebbles (December time). As it is a nautical mile away from Tambobong the sea current brought about by the changing moonson changes its shape. small caves are exposed during southwersterly winds on the rocky southern part and all sands are on the nothern side forming a long strip of super, super beach bar none! lo and behold as sea shell are exposed for the eyes to feast on. whats great in there is one could buy tuna or white squid from the fishermen and the freshest calamares or roasted tuna could be cooked in that little paradise called Camaso Island---- Dasol's pride.

  3. Just came from JC have said Dasol's Pride not only Colibra Island but the whole Dasol itself...We have an amazing experience there!

  4. pwede bang sumama sa inyo


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