Cape Bolinao and Treasures of Bolinao: Pangasinan Series

We went back to Bolinao and passed our resort, went further South to reach Cape Bolinao, where the famous lighthouse is erected. We wanted to catch the sunset, so I sped up a bit. But the roads were unpaved, so we had to slow down. It took another 20 minutes from the resort, which made me a bit tired from driving already. All the places were far away from each other!

We were also disappointed with the lighthouse, since it wasn't as grand as we thought it would be. It was solar powered, and you could see the charging stations beside the viewing dock. I loved the quarters beside it though. It had that 50s appeal.

he view of Bolinao as well wasn't that spectacular. I went down from the viewing dock hoping to see better. I saw the winding coastline, but that was it.

We went down to Treasures of Bolinao, a supposedly upscale resort, which we turned down after seeing the prices. We planned to go to Patar Beach from there and have dinner afterwards. The sun was beginning to set, so we had to rush. I've heard a lot about the Bolinao sunset, so I was excited.

We parked in Treasures and made our way to the back, where there was a bridge way that jutted out through the rocks and sea. We were approached though by the security guard who told us we had to register first. I was busy taking pictures, so one of us went back to the office to register.

I was actually shocked to see Treasures, supposedly an upscale resort with skyrocketing prices. Punta Riviera looked even better! The resort was a complex of low rise buildings, which boring landscaped gardens. The swimming pool was small, and the rooms looked cheap. I mean, for rates beginning at P6,000, I expect more from the resort! But this was it. I would go to Laguna instead. Good thing we turned this resort down.

We ordered dinner in advance, so that by the time we went back from Patar beach, our food would be ready. We were given brochures of the resort and noticed that they charged for a day trip. Worried about being charged, we asked if there was still a day trip charge for us. The waiter said yes. By that time, I was furious. A day trip costs P385 per person, inclusive of the use of facilities. We arrived at 5PM, and weren't swimming. So one of us had to confirm this at the office. They waived the day trip charge since we were having dinner there anyway.

With that settled, we descended to the beach on a pathway through the resort. We were taking pictures of the rock formations against the setting sun, when we were approached by security again. BAWAL PONG KUMUHA. FOR CHECK IN GUESTS ONLY. Now, I wasn't really there when that happened, since I went ahead. If I was told not to take pictures of the sunset and beach at a resort, I would be fuming instantly. WHY, DOES THE RESORT OWN THE SEA? THE SUN? I was angry after hearing that story.

I knew I didn't like the vibe of the resort as soon as I entered. After parking, the security guard at the gate asked where we would be going. I told him bluntly that we would be eating dinner. No greeting. Only a hostile question that deserved a hostile answer. And I haven't even gone into the dinner portion where we were tricked to order a lot, after the waitress told us that the servings were individual. The prices were high, and the service was awful, except for one waitress who took care of us well.

I wouldn't recommend this D.O.T Accredited resort to anyone, because of the high prices, hostile staff and uninspired surroundings. There wasn't any treasure in this resort.


  1. Our family went to treasures of bolinao 3 years ago and the prices of room (only 2500 for a huge room) and food is not this high. Yes the beach is a bit disappointing because you have to walk to the other side. Tsk Tsk


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