Brenton on Sea

A short 10km drive away from Knysna in Brenton on Sea. We were looking for things to do in Knysna, and we were desperate for the beach already, so we decided to spend the rest of day there.

To reach Brenton on Sea, we had to go over the mountain that overlooked Knysna. We had another amazing view of the lagoon and the town again. As we started to descend, we caught glimpses of the sea already. And it made us very very excited.

Brenton on Sea is another community, more like an upscale village full of villas and mansions overlooking the dramatic Indian Ocean. Its main attraction is of course, the sea and the beach that it kisses. This was Brenton on Sea.

I really felt like a kid again when I saw this from where we parked our car. The beach was amazing. Amazing! And this was just from afar. It stretched for around 4 kilometers, but seemed endless. The sand was golden and the waves were splashing incessantly and sprayed the surroundings with a misty haze.

There were a lot of people on the beach, but because it was wide, it didn't feel crowded. Locals and foreigners lounged by the sand. Kids built sandcastles, while lovers strolled along the shoreline.

This has got to be one of the best beaches I have seen in my life. It was very different from tropical beaches. The water was freezing, so not a lot of people swam. The sun was also not shining brightly, but that added to the dramatic landscape that unfolded before us.

Lizzy and I were at home. We went to the middle portion and lounged there for more than 2 hours, without any swimsuit. We just lay on the sand taking pictures left and right. Lizzy had fun with the sand dunes, while lay in amazement on the golden sand.

There were also interesting rock formations at the edge of the beach. We climbed a rock and took a lot of pictures from there. It was paradise indeed.

Again, I leave you with a picture of one of the best beaches I've been to this year. And for someone whose soul has been adopted by the sea, I felt I was truly at home.


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    1. Hello there, so glad you enjoyed your visit to our piece of paradise. I have the privilege of living in Brenton on sea all year. In fact we have a 4 star guest house, - You can also see our video on You Tube.


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